"Age of Dragons" is the fortieth episode of Mysticons, fourteenth episode of the third and final season, and the official finale of the whole series.

It aired on NickToons, 9:30 am, on Saturday morning on September 15, 2018.



The Mysticons, Proxima and their allies face-off against the Vexicons and the Spectral Hand itself for one ultimate showdown to save all of Gemina with the temporary strengthened mystical power of their Dragon, Wolf, Phoenix and Unicorn bracers via their mystical Lances of Justice, as the recently restored Queen Goodfey had given the blueprints for fully creating them (off-screen) earlier.

Queen Goodfey accompanies her fraternal twin daughters (riding alongside Zarya on Archer) and their two best friends on their ultimate mission to obliterate the Spectral Hand from the plane of existence, but this makes Arkayna feel quite resentful towards Zarya, as their mother is paying more attention to her long-lost daughter rather than her. However, it is Zarya's instincts and resourcefulness that put together a force of incredible strength to finish off the ravening beast of the Spectral Hand, defeat the Vexicons, and save all of Gemina.

Final Appearance of Characters

Character Notes
Arkayna Ends up becoming resentful of how Queen Goodfey pays more attention to Zarya rather than her.
Proxima Does not any involvement during the ultimate showdown between the Vexicons (her own creations) nor the beast of the Spectral Hand.

She is quite moved when Nova Terron chooses to step down as leader of the Astromancers and gives the position of Star Mistress to her by giving her the powerless Codex and untainted, gold Dragon Disk.

Vexicons Become much stronger as the Spectral Hand beast, too, grows in considerable power. They taunt the captured Mysticons and recently restored queen for their heroic efforts against them.

Eartha fully embraces her good heart and helps humiliate her fellow Vexicon "sisters" by taking off Mallory's pride and joy- her ice white hair. She stays with Emerald, who revitalizes her core stone, while the others are imprisoned for their crimes, in some unknown part of Gemina, per King Darius and Queen Goodfey's orders.

Deeva Is seen to be imprisoned in a pink energy cage, along with a bald Mallory, Kasha and Willa, who are all imprisoned per the order of King Darius and Queen Goodfey, in the throne room.
Zarya Finally meets her birth mother for the first time, in fifteen years, and tosses the fragment of the evil mask, that has caused so much suffering and chaos for millennia, into the Rift of Ruin; finally destroying it for good.
Queen Goodfey Her brief memory of baby Zarya having been returned to her (off screen), she accompanies her twin daughters and fellow Mysticons on their ultimate mission to exterminate the Spectral Hand and stop the Vexicons. She becomes excited at the prospect of having her long-lost younger twin daughter returned to her, that she somewhat ignores Arkayna.

She later apologizes and resumes her role as Queen of the realm of Planet Gemina.

King Darius Remains with Malvaron, the Goldenbraids, Astromancers and citizens to fend off the tentacles of the Spectral Hand beast. He uses a sword in combat and tries to get his selfish son Gawayne to help him.

Afterward, he admits he is proud of Gawayne and resumes his royal role as King of Gemina.

Gawayne Reunites with his father since being turned to solid bone many months ago.
Stormy Is happy to see Choko and the Mysticons again. She tries to get her unborn brothers and sisters through the time-controlling portal, but is stopped by Mallory.
King Valmalk The long-lost king of the Dragons of Light returns with his hatching Stormy and several other infant dragons.
Emerald Has her pink Unicorn Bracer greatly strengthened by her Lance of Justice
Piper Has her yellow Phoenix Bracer strengthened by her Lance of Justice
Malvaron Utilizes his strong, light orange mid-level star magic to hold off the Spectral Hand to buy the Mysticons time.
Tazma Grimm (cameo) Seen unsmiling and then teleports away.
Geraldine Yaga Gets back together with Nova Terron.
Nova Terron Restores the brief memories of infant Zarya to Queen Goodfey and apologizes profusely for keeping such a personal secret form her.
Gandobi (cameos) now has Proxima as her topmost Star Mistress and teacher as opposed to fellow student.
Quasarla (cameos) now has Proxima as her topmost Star Mistress and teacher as opposed to fellow student.
Citrine Goldenbraid (cameos) Reunites with her Mysticon daughter and seems to have accepted Eartha into the family, in gratitude for saving her twin sons a few days ago.
Malachite Goldenbraid (cameos) Reunites with his Mysticon daughter and welcomes Eartha into the family.
Halite and Ferrus Goldenbraid (cameos) Emerald's younger twin brothers are seen as cameos in the crowd.
Kymraw (cameo) Briefly scene as a cameo flying by on her motorcycle.
Queen Truefin (cameo) Seen in the background as Zarya throws the mask's fragment, that has caused so much suffering and chaos, into the Rift of Ruin, finally destroying it once and for all.
Kelpie Truefin (cameo) Watches as Zarya hurls the fragment of the evil mask into the Rift of Ruin, destroying it once and for all.
Dragon Mounts (debut & final appearance) Four baby dragons, from within the dozens of dragon eggs, who accelerated their babyhood to adulthood by going to the Ever Realm, as time flows much faster there.

Each has the color of each Mysticon's signature color: light green for Arkayna, pale blue for Zarya, light orange for Piper and light purple for Emerald, and can emit powerful blasts of multicolored fire of said colors from their mouths.

Though not yet named, they seem to have replaced the Mysticons' longtime faithful Griffin Mounts- Izzie, Archer, Miss Paisley and Topaz- as they are riding them in the last scene of the show.


In the Episode

  • The Mysticons return to the dwarven valley of the Heart of Gold; their second visit since Episode Six.
  • Her brief memories returned to her by Nova Terron (off-screen), Queen Goodfey learns that she had had fraternal twin daughters all along. For some reason, she is not introduced to Proxima, the orphan who was thought to be daughter before it was proven to be Zarya.
  • The Spectral Hand itself is utterly obliterated from the plane of existence.
  • King Valmuk and his young daughter Stormy make their second and final appearance since Episode Thirty-Two.
  • Nova Terron steps down as "Star Master" and gives his topmost pupil, Proxima, his place as "Star Mistress." She is given the untainted golden Dragon Disk (which she somehow removed from the Dark Codex and no longer corrupted) and Codex, even though it has been entirely drained of its supremely powerful light magic. He does this to get back together with his old starmate: Geraldine.
  • Tazma is still at large somewhere in the realm, as is Kymraw.
  • Eartha fully embraces her good heart and stays with Emerald at Rudix's Hollow, while the other three Vexicons- a bald Mallory, Kasha and Willa- are imprisoned in some part of the realm.
  • The Mysticons appear to have passed over their loyal griffin mounts- Izzie, Archer, Miss Paisley and Topaz- for the four mightily powerful Dragons of Light. Each is colored in each Mysticons' signature color- Light green for Princess Arkayna, light blue for Zarya, light orange for Piper, and light purple for Emerald.
  • This marks the second and final appearance of the Rift of Ruin.
  • The is the third and last appearance of Queen Truefin.
  • This marks the fourth and last appearance of Princess Kelpie Truefin.

Outside the Episode

  • This is the final appearance of characters who appear.
  • As with the show's premiere, the finale ends with the theme song as the second generation of Mysticons go fast throughout the realm.
  • This marks the series finale, though there are several crucial things unresolved or revealed fully beforehand. Fortunately it is followed by an ever-expanding series of graphic novels, and many original chapter books; each featuring one of the Mysticons as the central character.
  • The Mysticons have their mystical Dragon, Wolf, Phoenix and Unicorn bracers greatly strengthened via the four mystical Lances of Justice; only making their attack strength ten times stronger and more effective, though only temporarily.
  • It is revealed that very powerful magical objects and weaponry can be created via the magic furnace belonging to the dwarfs, in addition the Celestial Forge in the Forge Room.