An Eye for an Eye is the fifth episode in Season 1 of Mysticons. It had premiered on September 1, 2017 both on Nickelodeon in the United States and 5:30pm EST on YTV in Canada.



Zarya's temper get her into trouble when she uses her heightened talents as the second Mysticon Ranger to settle a personal score. However, things get out of hand when she uses Princess Arkayna's forest-green spellbook of the Codex to cast a strong spell of revenge on those who have bullied her.


In the Episode

  • Malvaron mentions "Jekyllus and Hyderon", a nod to the book "Doctor Jekyl and Mister Hyde" about a peaceful doctor who becomes a violent thug due to an unnatural interference which causes a split personality, and in many depictions, physical growth. Malvaron believes this happened to Choko by Zarya's spell changing him into a Revenge beast.
  • This is the first time one of the Mysticon members misuse their powers and weapon.
  • Princess Arkayna utilizes her Mysticon ability of telekinesis for a second time (first use in her civilian attire), to pull down Mathis' pants, revealing his girly undergarments from a distance.
  • Piper's special ability as Mysticon Striker is revealed: Yellow glitter which she calls her "Pixie Blast" attack.
  • As a habit, Princess Arkayna likes to "flick her hair" another annoyance for Zarya.

Outside the Episode


Name Note
Zarya Moonwolf Decides to get even with Mathis as Mysticon Ranger, but ends up making this worse than she could have bargained for.
Princess Arkayna Goodfey Is given a tour of the Undercity, in which Piper and Zarya practically grew up in as preteens.
Emerald Goldenbraid According to Zarya, her knack for apologizing for everything is super annoying.
Piper Willowbrook Her constant use of her Pixie Blast attack is too much for Zarya, as it always got in her mouth and face.
Mathis (debut appearance) A human bully who has constantly teased Zarya for years.
Snechticus (debut appearance) The man who works at the food stand of Scabbard Square, in the Undercity, who makes "snorgballs."
Malvaron Makes a antidote to Zarya's dark spell of revenge
Choko Is thought to be the revenge beast, but ends finding the last drops of the antidote to turn Zarya back to normal.