Heart of Gold is the sixth episode in Season 1 of Mysticons. It debuted in the United States on September 03, 2017 on Nickelodeon. It is scheduled to debut 17 September 2017 on YTV.



The Mysticons head to Em's dwarven mining hometown to visit her family just as it is attacked by Dreadbane and his Skeletons.



In the Episode

  • Emerald modifies and upgrades her childhood Battle-Mech, with more dwarf technology and Mysticon magic.

Outside the Episode

  • The title refers to a location known only to dwarfs; a large gold cavern, which is a well-kept secret until Baron Dreadbane forces Emerald's father to show it to him.
  • Malachite, Emerald's father becomes the first person outside their core group to discover the identities of the Mysticons, like his own daughter.
  • This is the first episode that Malvaron and Doug were absent in this episode.
  • Emerald is the second Mysticon whose parents are introduced in the series.


Name Note
Emerald Dislikes having to return to her hometown. Especially due to her father's disapproval of her work as a "griffin wrangler".
Arkayna Is given a hope ring my Mrs. Goldenbraid to give her strength to break Dreadbane's spell of pertification on her mother and stepfather.
Zarya Dislikes Mrs. Goldenbraid's family recipe for her soup, but is touched that she is part of the family now.
Piper Bonds with Emerald's younger twin brothers who have a crush on her.
Citrine Goldenbraid (debut) Emerald's affectionate, overenthusiastic mother.
Malachite Goldenbraid (debut) Emerald's grumbling father who discovers his daughter's super-heroine identity as Mysticon Knight. He is forced to reveal the location of the Heart of Gold to the enemy.
Halite and Ferrus Goldenbraid (debuts) Emerald's younger twin brothers, who both have a crush on Piper and her "bango ears".