Kymraw is a recurring character of Mysticons. She first appears in Episode Three, "The Coronation". She is voiced by Linda Kash.


She is a green-skinned troll woman with pointy ears, short reddish hair and black eyes. According to her, she needs a purse for each outfit.


She is very crafty and sneaky in her aim to achieve more money for her kind. However, in "Quest of the Vexed" she considered seeing the error of her ways.


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Season One

  • "No, nice to see you? No, hello, how was weekend?"
  • "Kymraw only want Dragon Disk."
  • "Kymraw have info about Codex. You want make deal?"
  • "Kymraw lead you to Mysticons. Kymraw want her reward!!"
  • "Mysticons, me back!
  • "Kymraw said she get revenge! Fly, Dragon Mage, Fly!"
  • "You show no fear. Kymraw respect that."
  • "Wrong, Mage! Codex is Kymraw's!"
  • "You know what Kymraw want, Dreadbane. Tazma think she smart, but Kymraw smarter. Double-cross mean double pay."
  • "Later!"
  • "Kymraw need one for each outfit."
  • "Nice try, Mysticon."
  • "Take best your shot, Dragon Mage."
  • "Maybe Mysticons are right. Maybe Kymraw shouldn't steal. Maybe Kymraw see error of her ways."
  • "Forget it! Kymraw learn nothing!!"
  • "Oh, Dragon Train. Kymraw hold no grudge."
  • "Kymraw dream that shadow mages kidnap you. But don't worry, you safe like dragon gold here."
  • "Get your hands off Kymraw! Me your leader!! And what is deal with purple lights!?"
  • "Kymraw, go!"
  • "Hey, why Kymraw stuck to smelly Shadow Mage?"
  • "No one tell Kymraw what to do! you come with me, Puny Head."
  • "No help for you. Your fate lies in hooves of Twinkly Mare."
  • "Kymraw and Twinkly Mare have front row seats for apocalypse."
  • "May dirtiest fighter win!"
  • "Chou-Coho!"
  • "Kymraw, outie."

Season Two

  • "Time to party."
  • "Kymraw no happy! She don't celebrate at all! Ha ha ha!! Happy Lotus Night."
  • "This for making powerful magic, not low callory munches."
  • "So, you using mini Forge to make zombie dust to use on that ice witch. But why? I thought you two were B.F.F.s"
  • "Ah. Mallory no give you gift. She thoughtless, so you turn into thoughtless zombie. Irony."


  • She is the first troll to appear in the show.
  • in "Quest of the Vexed" she considered seeing the error of her ways.
  • She is the first villain who succeeds in giving the powerful Codex to Dreadbane.
  • She wears an eye mask to bed.
  • After the obliteration of the Spectral Hand from the plane of existence, she is referenced as one of the minor threats still at large in the realm, next to Tazma.


  • She is the first villain from the animated show to appear in the comics very first novel. She hires fraternal elven twins Clutch and Throttle to do her dirty work but double-crosses them by planning to blow up Clutch and blame it on the Mysticons.
  • She is seen wearing pale blue pajamas with Twinkly Mares on them. According to her employee, Throttle, she looks less serious in them.