There are two known Mysticon Dragon Mages, who are the brave, commanding leaders of each generation of Mysticons:

  • Imani Firewing- The very first Dragon Mage who had had courageously led the original four Mysticons one thousand years ago, against Queen Necrafa, human "General Bane" (a good Sky Lancer who was later corrupted by the Spectral Hand's ancient, dark powers) and her undead skeleton army.
  • Princess Arkayna Goodfey- Chosen as Imani's successor, one millennia later.

The magical weapon she wields is the mystical Dragon Mage Staff, signifying her role as leader. Her one and only special Mysticon ability is telekinesis and several others that have yet to be seen.


  • Arkayna being the redheaded leader of the second generation of Mysticons is quite similar to Will Vandom, another redhead, who has also chosen to be leader of the second generation of Guardians of the Veil, from the .W.I.T.C.H. comics and animated series.