Scourge of the Seven Skies is the seventh episode in Season 1 of Mysticons. The episode premiered on September 10, 2017 in the United States.



In the Undercity, the Mysticons meet Zarya's old childhood friend, Kitty Boon, who is a sky pirate. Things get suspicious as said pirates begin raiding all around Drake City. Fed up with her friends' disbelief and doubts, Zarya leaves and is shocked to discover that her old friends have been after the Mysticons all along, so that they can claim the ancient, all-powerful Dragon Disk for their employer for gold.

Zarya tries to stop Kitty, who leaves with the Disk in her hands. Because of this, Princess Arkayna considers Zarya to be a "disgrace to the Mysticons" and furiously leaves the Valley of Lost Ships on Izzie, with Piper and Emerald, leaving a tearful Zarya alone. In Dreadbane's hideout, Kitty hands him the Dragon Disk, which he triumphantly presents to his army of undead skeletons.


In the Episode

  • Zarya is expelled from the team as Mysticon Ranger, and runs off to wander the realm alone.
  • The third fragment of the Codex is hidden in the Cavern of the Cosmos. However, it requires the Dragon Disk to reveal itself.
  • The Dragon Disk falls into the hands of Dreadbane, who intends to utilize its ancient magical powers to release Queen Necrafa herself from her prison.

Outside the Episode

  • Zarya is from a village outside Drake City, as a girl, in which she lived with her adopted parents for several years and befriended Kitty and Kasey Boon.
  • Its unknown whats the third riddle is, but is said to have something do with the Cavern of the Cosmos, in the Valley of the Lost Ships.
  • This is the second time that Doug is absent.


Name Note
Arkayna Goodfey
Zarya Moonwolf Is expelled from the Mysticons for choosing the Pink Skulls over her new friends. Ashamed, she wanders the realm of Gemina alone.
Emerald Goldenbraid Activates her childhood battle mech armor for the first time.
Piper Willowbrook She is hurt when she learns of Zarya's "betrayal"
Malvaron Is informed by Arkayna that the Dragon Disk was taken from them by Kitty, and that the Codex book is still in the cavern.
Kymraw Attacks on of the ships to distract the Mysticons from the sky pirate's true aim.
Baron Dreadbane Happily presents the Dragon Disk to his undead army of skeletons.
Kitty Boon (debut) Takes advantage of Zarya;s trust and friendship to attack the Mysticons and steal the Dragon Disk for gold.
Kasey Boon (debut) The younger brother of Kitty, who seems to fall for Emerald but merely gave her a tracking bracelet.