Sisters in Arms is the series premiere of Mysticons as well as the first episode in the season. The episode premiered August 28, 2017 on both Nickelodeon in the United States and YTV in Canada.



The legendary Dragon Disk brings together four girls and bestows upon them magical powers.


After "appropriating" food from a merchant's warehouse to give to other street kids, Zarya Moonwolf and Piper Willowbrook are forced by a Dark Mage to retrieve the Dragon Disk from the Royal Tower in order to free their pet Choko.

Meanwhile Baron Dreadbane, the undead general of the Necrafa Skeleton Army launches an attack on the Royal Tower to also steal the Disk.

After a poor training session performance for the royal heirs, Prince Gawayne and Princess Arkayna Goodfey, Queen Goodfey shows them the Dragon Disk in an expository attempt to impress upon them the importance of their training. After Gawayne, who had constantly been "glyphing" on his magical "phone", left for a date with a cute pixie or harpy, the disk began to glow and vibrate. Leaving to assemble the Royal Astromancers, Zarya and Piper, disguised as royal guards, make off with the Disk.

At the same moment, Dreadbane and his skeleton army attack, turning King Darius and Queen Goodfey into statues made of bone, the latter Arkayna actually witnessed along with Emerald Goldenbraid and young Astromancer Malvaron. While trying to make their escape, the trio run into Zarya and Piper.

Spotting the Disk in Zarya's belt-pack, the princess attacks them thinking they are Dreadbane's minions. Scrambling for the dropped Disk, Arkayna, Zarya, Piper, and Emerald all touch it at the same time, fully awakening it and respectively are transformed into the second generation of Mysticons: Mysticon Dragon Mage, Mysticon Ranger, Mysticon Striker, and Mysticon Knight.

Once empowered, they push back the skeleton army and Dreadbane, who declares this is but the beginning of the Necrafa's attacks.

Immediately, Zarya and Piper dash away with the Disk as they still need to get Choko back. However, Dark Mage reneged on the deal, taking the Disk and ready to tie up loose ends by killing powered-down Zarya and Piper, but is thwarted by the arrival of Mysticons Dragonmage and Knight, forcing Dark Mage to mystically teleport away. She later finds out that the Disk she had taken was but a temporary mystical copy.

After the return of the real Dragon Disk, an uneasy alliance between the girls is made as Malvaron explains that dark times are coming to Drake City which will affect everyone from the Royal Family to street kids, so the four need to set aside their differences and resolve to be The Mysticons to protect them all.

As a result of the King and Queen being turned to solid bone, Gawayne is crowned King, which completely frustrates his stepsister Arkayna.


In the Episode

  • The show is set one thousand years later before the primary evil- the Spectral Hand- was supposedly exterminated by the original four Mysticons, who had perished young.
  • The present royal family of the world have been tasked with safeguarding the ancient and mighty Dragon Disk until the second generation of Mysticons was chosen. As such, it was kept inside the Royal Treasury, next to bone statues of the very first Mysticons as a reminder of their heroic deeds til the very end.

Outside the Episode

  • Not much is explained about the realm, but it appears to be what would result if magical fantasy realms developed into the 21st Century and growing into a Manhattan-like city complete with skyscrapers. There exists a level of fusion of technology and magic.
  • Modernistic wheeled vehicles fly while retro-looking trains speed along hanging from wires. "Glyphing" on yet-detailed devices takes the place of texting.
  • It is unexplained if Gemina is an an actual planet or an inter-dimensional, parallel world only accessible via portals.

Characters Debut

Name Note
Piper Willowbrook Zarya's best childhood friend and fellow partner-in-crime. Chosen by the almighty Dragon Disk as the next Mysticon Striker, she is over-excited by her new powers and hero status.
Zarya Moonwolf Piper's closest childhood friend and "big sister" figure. She is chosen as the next Mysticon Ranger and later had used her newfound Mysticon magic to deceive the Shadow Mage in taking a copy of the Dragon Disk. She reluctantly agrees to work with Arkayna and Emerald as a team.
Choko Zarya and Piper's Foz companion. He was held captive by the Shadow Mage in exchange for the Dragon Disk.
Shadow Mage Forces Zarya and Piper to infiltrate the castle and steal the almighty Dragon Disk in return for Choko
Baron Dreadbane Had been Queen Necrafa's right-hand man and who now leads the Spectral Hand in her stead. He utilizes his evil magic to turn Goodfey and Darius into solid stone statues.
Queen Goodfey The fair and strong-willed ruler of the realm of Gemina, and mother to Arkayna. Some years prior to the show, her husband and king had died from unknown causes, where she had married Darius. She tries to make her daughter take her training seriously as future queen.
Arkayna Goodfey Princess of Gemina and leader of the next Mysticons as Dragon Mage.
King Darius Goodfey's second husband, Gawayne's father and Arkayna's stepfather. He is turned to solid stone by Dreadbane along with his wife.
Gawayne Arkayna's self-obsessed stepbrother and Goodfey's stepson.
Emerald Goldenbraid Dwarf girl who works as a griffin wrangler at the castle and Arkayna's best friend and companion. She is chosen by the Dragon Disk as the next Mysticon Knight.
Malvaron One of the low-level Astromancers, and "ancient morons" who helps Arkayna and Emerald in getting back the Dragon Disk via a tracking spell.