The Dragon Disk
Vital statistics
Type Mystical golden disk
Effects *Choose the second generation of Mysticons when the time is right
  • Reveal locations of the four pieces of the Codex, in the form of riddles
  • Project "The Prophecy" under a full moon
  • Imbue another and far more powerful Codex with even greater magic
Source Unknown
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

"Arkayna Goodfey, you are Mysticon Dragon Mage
Zarya Moonwolf, you are Mysticon Ranger
Piper Willowbrook, you are Mysticon Striker
Emerald Goldenbraid, you are Mysticon Knight."
- Choosing the second generation of Mysticons after one thousand years of dormancy.

The Dragon Disk is the very source of the Mysticons' great strength and mystical abilities and weapons. In the series premiere, when Arkayna Goodfey, Emerald Goldenbraid, Zarya Moonwolf, and Piper Willowbrook all scramble to grab the Disk, all four touch it at once and transform into their respective Mysticon forms.

History in the Animated Show

Season One

In "The Astromancer Job", the Mysticons use a mystical "3D printer" to create a copy of the Dragon Disk, although grey instead of golden, and then imbued it with power using the Celestial Forge. Which apparently links it to the original, as both power up to present the same riddle to find the fourth and last piece of the Codex.

Once all four spellbooks are fused into one large one, the Disk becomes one with it on the cover, making it even more powerful than before.

The Disk was eventually torn off by Tazma, which she presented to Queen Necrafa. It had revealed a certain and ancient prophecy, which depicts "doom for their enemy."

Season Two

It was finally recovered by Malvaron who gave it to Nova Terron. Soon after it is again taken, only this time, by a thoroughly vengeful and unforgiving Proxima who demonstrates her highly advanced star magic by turning it from to gold to a blood-red; therefore fully corrupting its immense magical power and energies for her own vengeful ends. With it and the ancient starfire ink in her possession, she affixes the tainted Disk to a darker, more powerful version of the-now-powerless Codex.

Later on, a thoroughly vengeful and somewhat possessed Proxima combines its darker ancient magics with those her Dark Codex to bring Queen Goodfey (who would have been her mother) and her second husband, King Darius, back to life; an act that the Mysticons have been incapable of performing fully, as their ancient Codex had been drained dry.

After the destruction of the Spectral Hand itself, the untainted golden Dragon Disk was given to Proxima, along with the Codex, as Nova Terron retied from being "Star Master" of the Academy and gave his place as headmaster to Proxima as "Star Mistress."

Mystical Properties

The Disk possess great amounts of yellow-colored positive energy and light, which may be further magnified to even higher proportions and magnitude. As a sentient object, it has a mind and will all its own; capable of thinking and acting for itself.

Since falling prey to Proxima's far greater top star magic, it may have displayed the powers of darkness.

The full extent of its vast mystical energies and abilities remain to seen, as Queen Goodfey was interrupted before she could explain to Arkayna and Emerald.

Riddles to each fragment of the Codex

First Riddle

The first piece that you do look for

Is not behind just any door

The most regale of worms is where you'll find

Fiery magic through piece of mind

Second Riddle

A place of piece

A reverential room

I stand alone within fiery bloom

Third Riddle

Above a place of queens and kings

Celestial-powered justice springs


Season One

Season Two

The Dragon Disk in Printed Media


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About the Dragon Disk

Season One

  • "You will retrieve the Dragon Disk from the royal tower."
  • "We'll just see who gets the Disk first."
  • "What's a Dragon Disk?"
  • "It's an old artifact. Has to do with the Mysticons."
  • "The Dragon Disk is our most important artifact. As the royal family, it is our sworn duty to protect it until the new generation of heroes is chosen."
  • "After the first Mysticons fell defeating Necrafa, the Disk became dormant. Generations of our family guarded it, kept it safe from evil. For she who controls the Dragon Disk controls- This isn't a joke, Arkayna!"
  • "I get it! We have to protect the Dragon Disk. And I will."
  • "The Disk! It's activating!"
  • "Soon the Dragon Disk will be ours! And with that, we will avenge our fallen leader!!"
  • "We need to get the Dragon Disk!"
  • "The Dragon Disk! They're with Dreadbane!"
  • "Where's the Dragon Disk!?"
  • "The Disk is mine."
  • "I just wish there was a way to bring them back, to find the Disk."
  • "These 'Mysticons' gave the Dragon Disk to that mage."
  • "Let's see how powerful this Disk really is."
  • "For some reason, the Dragon Disk chose you to be Mysticons."
  • "We're hopeful that the power of the Dragon Disk will free the King and Queen from Dreadbane's curse."
  • "The Dragon Disk will activate when it senses you are ready."
  • "The Dragon Disk! It senses your commitment."
  • "Can someone explain why the Dragon Disk is trying to kill us?"
  • "The riddle says we need the Dragon Disk to unlock the Codex piece."
  • "Okay, where's the Disk? Do you even have pockets in that suit?"
  • "I got you Disk thingy."
  • "Wait. What do you want this for?"
  • "The Dragon Disk refuses to reveal the location of the Codex piece."
  • "Perhaps I need a more powerful mage to help me use it."
  • "Tibion, insert the Disk."
  • "Because of your incompetence, you let Dreadbane get the Dragon Disk."
  • "If I hadn't let Kitty get the Dragon Disk, this wouldn't be happening."
  • "There's the Dragon Disk. Come on, let' grab it!"
  • "We save the city first, then we come back for the Dragon Disk."
  • "Hey! Where did Disk-y go?"
  • "We'll get the Disk another day."
  • "Oh yeah. Here. Probably never should have taken it in the first place."
  • "You saved the city, secured the Dragon Disk and unified the Codex."

Season Two

  • "The Mysticons have performed many noble deeds: From activating the Dragon Disk, to unifying the Codex."
  • "The Disk! Where is the Dragon Disk?"
  • "Tazma must have ripped it off during the fight."
  • "The disk was the key! Under a full moon it projects the prophecy!"
  • "Yes, but to project the prophecy, we need the Dragon Disk!"
  • "And the Dragon Disk is back, Baby!"
  • "No, the Disk! You are meddling with forces beyond your control, Child!"
  • "The Dragon Disk. Clever girl."
  • "What does she need the Disk for?"
  • "The Disk is useless now that the Codex has been drained."


  • It is a sentient mystical artifact, having a mind and will of its own.
  • Only it has the ability to reveal the full contents of the prophecy in its entirety.
  • It easily fell prey to the vastly increased and highly advanced star magic of Proxima Starfall, who used the evil powers of her own gold scepter to corrupt it entirely. This act turned it from its original golden yellow color to a deep blood-red; an ability neither Tazma nor Necrafa were capable of.
  • Somehow (off-screen), the Disk was taken off the Dark Codex and regained its original bright gold color. It was then given to Proxima, along with the entirely useless Codex.
  • The full extent of its immensely powerful, ancient magical abilities are never revealed or explained in full detail. This disappoints fans.


  • In Volume 1, Zarya uses the Dragon Disk as an offer by bribing Kymraw and her employees, the teenage elf fraternal twins Clutch and Throttle. It is then caught by Piper, who keeps it out Kymraw's hands. Arkayna chastises Zarya for stealing again, which refers to the events of the show's premiere.

Chapter Books

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