The Vexicons are four female warriors of immense strength and abilities who make their official debut in Episode 30. They are called forth from Proxima's more powerful Dark Codex, who refers to them her "children."

They covet an ancient, lost scepter that had belonged to King Lorius the Glorious, which possessed the power of mind control. They race against the Mysticons to retrieve it from a hard-to-reach location somewhere in the farthest parts of the realm.

They also an animal sidekick, a blue ferret that Mallory wears like a muffler. She is called Deeva.

Their names are:

  • Mallory, a staff-wielder with ice powers who is the dark counterpart of Arkayna. Her phrase is "Ice Serpent, Strike!" from her deep blue Serpent/Snake Bracer. She is the most power-hungry and ambitious of the evil quartet.
  • Kasha, an orange cat-girl on roller blades who opposes Zarya. Her battle phrase is "Shadow Panther, Pounce!"
  • Eartha, a large stone giant who is the evil counterpart of Em. Her phrase is "Basilisk Stampede!" from her pink Basilisk Bracer.
  • Willa, a tiny winged imp who is the dark counterpart of Piper. Her battle phrase is "Fear the Nightmare!" from her purple Bat Bracer. Her additional ability is emitting a ray of dark purple smoke from her hands, an attack she calls "Boom Doom" in contrast to Piper's Pixie Blast attack. She can also teleport over long and short distances in a cloud of deep purple smoke by calling out "Quicker than a flicker."


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Magical Abilities and Weaponry


Possessing very strong cryokinetic and frigiokinetic powers, she can emit strong beams of solid ice from her blue Crystal Ice Staff. She holds the dark power of the Serpent. She can encase her opponents in a solid block of ice, and erect an ice shield that can defect Arkayna's fiery beams with ease. Once donning the half of Necrafa's mask, her Vexicon abilities seemed to have grown tremendously and developed more.


Has razor-sharp energy claws that can slice through anything and can move at high speeds via energy skates. She wields the dark power of the Panther. She can also fire a stream of red energy beams from her claws. She naturally possesses superhuman hearing, superhuman smell, enhanced dexterity, enhanced climbing and feline reflexes.


Her body of hard rock enables her to turn into a large boulder that can defect energy-based attacks. She holds the dark power of the Basilisk. Her weapon is a hammer, from which she could fire a strong energy burst when she was given a grater boost of strength from the rare maleficent ellipse. She can regenerate her rock solid body if need to.


She is able to emit a unusually powerful blast of pure dark energy from her hands, and has winged flight via her pixie wings. She holds the dark power of the Bat. She can also teleport herself and her fellow Vexicons over short or long distances in a flash of dark purple smoke by saying "Quicker than a flicker".

Her strongest dark energy blast is what she calls her "Boom Doom" attack. She is the only Vexicon whose special abilities are used more than once, and whose Vexicon weapon is never known.


  • They are considered to be dark versions of the Mysticons: "Anti-Mysticons" by fans; just as the Rowdyruff Boys are the pure evil male counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • In "Heart of Stone", it is revealed that they were created out of Proxima's misery and loneliness,to be a sisterhood of evil, in place of the Mysticons who had abandoned her and ruined her already lonely life; particularly Arkayna.
  • They are the only beings to have resided within a magical book, to be called upon into the real world.
  • They each have their very own animal Bracers: Serpent, Basilisk, Panther, and Bat.
  • The reason why their weapons and special abilities are a whole lot stronger and more effective than those utilized by the Mysticons is due to the Dark Codex from which they came is filled with immensely powerful dark magic; whereas the one that strengthens and powers up the Mysticons had been drained dry of its magic.
  • Eartha becomes fully good and stays with Emerald at Rudix Hollow with Emerald her family while a bald Mallory, Kasha and Willa are imprisoned somewhere.



  • "You can call us...the Vexicons."
  • "Let's get down to business."
  • "Kasha. King, fetch."
  • "Four against two. This is going to be easy."
  • "Vexicons, let's spread some dread."
  • "Cute."
  • Ice Serpent Strike!"
  • "Oh no you didn't."
  • "Hex tag: Mage dunk. Hex tag: All washed up. Hex tag: It's vexing hour."
  • "Willa, the crown."
  • "Oh, please. Pull yourself together."
  • "Don't worry, Star Mistress. We'll find the scepter. We'll get the King."
  • "Good effort, Dragon Mage."
  • "Can we go now?"
  • "Hex-tag, cold shoulder."
  • "Yes. All we need is the King."
  • "Look how hard you're fighting. You're so adorable."
  • "No one shows up to an evil party on time. It's called making an entrance."
  • "She's so cute, but so clueless."
  • "Squad, let's show his city how to party Vexicon style."
  • "Clever girls."
  • "Sic, Deeva, sic."
  • "Party hard, girls. Lure the Mysticons to their hex-tag doom."
  • "Are you done yet?"
  • "Earth? Crush it."
  • "Overreact much?"
  • "Would you chill already? We brought you party favors."
  • "Uh, it was a maleficent eclipse party. Duh."
  • "Or we could just take 'em out now or whatever."
  • "Does anyone know what she's saying? I don't speak old person."
  • "We're in, Girls."
  • "The Proxima Shame Buffet is open, Girls."
  • "Um, hex-tag rude."
  • "Okay, Vexicons, let's do some work."
  • "B.R.B. or whatever."
  • "Uh, that wasn't the plan."
  • "Yeah, I don't do Lotus Night, except for the gifts part, which is taking forever."
  • "Finally. Took you long enough, Zippy Pixie."
  • "Don't dis the hair, Dragon Mage."
  • "Vexicons, let's go get our girl."
  • "Don't ever think of betraying the sisterhood again."
  • "That's exactly what I'm going to find out."
  • "Interesting or whatever."
  • "That mask deserves someone fierce, someone with ambition."
  • "I hate nature."
  • "If she wakes while we're gone my plan is ruined."
  • "Once I get that mask, nature's the first to go."
  • "I can taste the power of the mask already."
  • "Boring."
  • "Nothing gets between me and my destiny."
  • "Say goodbye to the mask. And your 'sister'".
  • "Willa, take us home."
  • "That's right, Minions. The Spectral Hand just got a lot more fierce."
  • "To Drake city, to feed."
  • "I'm here for my throne, People."
  • "Stop interfering with my evil jam."
  • "Eartha, slush-gulpie, nowsies."
  • "You're ruining the victory vibe."
  • "Yeah, not happening."
  • "Hex-tag: Good girls never win."
  • "Hex- tag: Good hex-tag."
  • "My ice sphere will protect us."
  • "Simple: She was the weakest link."
  • "Why am I not surprised?"
  • "


  • "Here, King-y King."
  • "I'll clip your wings, Imp."
  • "Keep it down, yo."
  • "Boohoo. What up, King? Let's jam."
  • "Catch me if you can."
  • "Hope you got nine lives."
  • "Taking out the trash. You're out of your league, Girl."
  • "Smells like dragon order and thousand-year-old sports socks."
  • "Missed me, missed me. Now you gotta kiss me."
  • "Come on, Mallory, shake a tail. We're missing all the fun."
  • (not impressed) "This is the eclipse?"
  • "That girl looks vexed."
  • "She's gonna go supernova on us."
  • "What's up, Mysticons?"
  • "All fizzle and no fight."
  • "We'll hunt her down."
  • "You're brave, Girl, but you're a fool if you think you can take us alone."
  • "Quick! Let's finish 'em off."
  • "Yo, wait. Couldn't we use the dirt in your diary against those do-gooders?"
  • "Now, Willa."
  • "Don't mess, Ice Queen."
  • "You got skills, I'll give you that. But I'm just getting started."
  • "Check out the Newbicons. Actually, let's check out the whole thing in instant replay."
  • "No! Proxima's gonna kill me!!"
  • "Come on, let's scrap, Girls."
  • "What else is on?"
  • "That girl has issues."
  • "What's with Bizarro Mage?"
  • "You'll wake the star nerd."
  • "Quick, the mask!"
  • "Liar, lair, pants on fire. For real. You're on fire."
  • "That dimension reeks than a titan's toe jam."
  • "Mysticons, come out and play."
  • "Oh, it is on."
  • "Whose side are you on!?"
  • "Awe. They're trying to save their parents."
  • "


  • "Don't be scared, be terrified."
  • "I hate good manners. We're bad."
  • 'We had 'hm till Kasha lost him."
  • "Whoa. Lorius' secret hideaway."
  • "Destroying stuff is fun."
  • "Boom Doom!"
  • "That is not nice granite."
  • "Can we go? I wanna wreck havoc and destruction."
  • "Where's the doom? Where's the gloom?"
  • "When get my hands on that little old lady, she's gonna pay."
  • "Out of my way. I owe the old lady a little payback."
  • "Good idea. They don't stand a chance against us during the eclipse."
  • "That party was killer."
  • "This is gonna be devastating."
  • "Dibs on the old cleaver."
  • "One, I'm am imp. Two, everything you're saying, don't really care."
  • "Uh, no thanks."
  • "You were supposed to be keeping watch. Ow. She's made of stone, knucklehead."
  • "We're home."
  • "Best Lotus Night ever!"
  • (sarcastic) "Woo hoo. Fun times, Proxima Starfall."
  • "What's with the gross glitter?"
  • "Kasha's throwing precious artifacts into the Forge."
  • "She'll light us up with starfire."
  • "I boom doomed."
  • "I can't wait to get a taste of that evil mojo."
  • "Almost a nice shot."
  • "Yeah, I'm satisfied."
  • "You talk too much. Let's throw her into the portal first."


  • "Back away, Flesh bag."
  • "I like a fair fight. It will be an honor to destroy you."
  • "Basilisk Stampede!"
  • "After you, Ladies."
  • "We failed our first quest."
  • "As do I, Dwarf."
  • "Onward, to the not Undercity."
  • "But of course."
  • "We have arrived."
  • "Nice granite."
  • "Destiny has gifted us with a maleficent eclipse."
  • "But I already have rock solid abs."
  • "I was ready to rock out."
  • "Willa, those dwarves insulted your honor. I'll get those little hammerheads."
  • "I quake in fear."
  • "So will Mysticon Knight."
  • "You are wired, Elf!!"
  • "The dwarf is still at large."
  • "This is not right. Reading someone's diary is pure evil."
  • "Yes, You must know your enemy to pulverize your enemy."
  • "Poof away, my little friend."
  • "We completed our quest, Star Mistress."
  • "I am shaking with excitement."
  • "I couldn't agree more, Star Mistress. Magnificent."
  • "Great aftershock. What in the realm is going on?"
  • "We knights fight fair. Unguard!"
  • (to herself) "Keep it together, Eartha. You must get back to your sisters."
  • "I'd rather crumble than feel that goody-goody heart beating in my chest."
  • "And what gives you the right? I like being evil. I want to be evil."
  • "A stone golem might if she didn't have shackles on."
  • "I am sorry. I'm not the golem you thought I was."
  • "I tried to stop them, Star Mistress."
  • "I love nature. Granite, stalagmites, lava baths."
  • "I am in so much trouble."
  • "Why does she have to be such a fast sleep-dancer?'
  • "I am sorry. I have failed you."
  • "A glorious uprising. I have the key."
  • "Enough! What you are doing is highly disrespectful."
  • "Sorry."
  • "I will no longer do your evil biding!!"


  • Malvaron gives them the following nicknames in Episode 38: "Frosty", "Roller-Cat, She-Rock and "the Imp."
  • They were created from Proxima's misery, loneliness and hatred towards Arkayna and the other Mysticons to be her "sisterhood of evil."
  • Them being the evil and much stronger counterparts of the show's heroes is quite similar to the Rowdyruff Boys; the male counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Being catlike, Kasha has a litter-box.

The four Knights of Destruction (Knights of Revenge in the comics and chapter books) in Season 2 of the animated show W.I.T.C.H. were created out the dark emotions of Nerissa (leader of the very first five Guardians of the Veil and Keeper of the Heart of Candracar) As with the Vexicons, they were created to combat and distract the second generation of legendary heroes:

  • Shagon the Hate feeds on and grows stronger from the sheer hate and fury from his enemies.
  • Ember the Pain feeds on pain, despair and misery.
  • Tridart the Despair grows stronger from fear and fight. Also possessing ice/snow powers like Mallory.
  • Khor the Destroyer grows stronger via anger.


Birth of the Vexicons

Birth of the mighty Vexicons!